Back in the day, when I was a kid my Dad gave me a few words of wisdom I shall never forget.  “You don’t need to know everything, just where to get, hire or rent those who do.”  Today we call this contract consulting, business services or any number of other terms, for the most part all synonymous.  It’s what we’re all about…   Finding solutions.  Sharing.  Helping Entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Over the last several years I was a member of the Williamson Chamber Of Commerce – Member Relations Committee, a highly recommended experience…  Yearly I talked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs who answered survey questions and gave comments about “life in the Entrepreneurial Lane”  From those businesses I found there were two primary difficulties in operating their businesses.  #1..Hiring qualified employees.  #2..Time Management…   These two obstacles were their Achilles Heal.  Most likely they are yours as well.

I’d like to hear your comments.  One question is:  “What are your greatest obstacles in the successful operation of your business and how have you overcome similar obstacles of the past?”