Business Legal & Consulting Exchange Services

The Small Business World, the life of the Entrepreneur is fraught with opportunities, challenges, landmines, dragons and black holes. The business owner must stay focused and aware of everything around her, including misinformation and misconceptions. Self deception is one of the primary causes of business failure.  For the Small Business owner, the opportunities and abilities to truly reach one’s personal, financial and business goals can be astounding. It’s why we do what we do.   However, owning a business can also be your own worst nightmare come true.  What you don’t know can seriously hurt you and your family.  What’s the number these days? 80% of all Small Businesses fail?  

The majority of new business owners are business people who previously were successful in another industry and have decided to venture into their own dissimilar enterprise.  What worked before is surely to work in the new business.  After all, someone with your background and credentials couldn’t possibly fail at business.  Or could you?

What’s important to succeed in business is teamwork, knowledge, awareness of changing information, the ability to make as few mistakes as possible.  But at what costs?  Partners, high paid employees, lawyers, consultants and contractors can be expensive.  Often, though necessary, these resources can be financially out of reach.  Critical needs go unmet due to budget restraints.  But again, at what costs?

All businesses have big business problems but not all businesses have big business resources.  More times than we care to admit, Entrepreneurs tend to rely heavily upon Google for their answers to complex business issues. HR, accounting, legal, logistics, sales and marketing expertise is sought from, who?  No one should ever believe all they find on Google or “other” sites.

One potential solution is an Exchange where top consultants and attorneys can address your unique and specific needs for just about anything you can think of without the high cost of billable hours.  An Exchange where paying one low monthly member fee can provide resolution to most issues you might face.  Although this approach is not for everyone, it’s sometimes worth a “look see”….  Don M. Reid – DMRNET Business Solutions