Most companies fail.  Sad but true.  More than 80% of the million new businesses each year fail.  Some right away, some in a few years but over a ten year period, 80% of them will be bankrupted or simply closed.  A sad ending to a potentially beautiful story.

Michael Gerber states that “the only reason to start a business is to sell it.”  To own your life while you run your business and then sell it for X times earning.  Seems logical.  Further he mentions that the business Owner, three people in one, much identify each part of the business person and maintain a proper balance.  The Entrepreneur – The Creative Person.  The Manager – The Business Operations Person. The Technician – The Workforce.   He points out that most Business Owners become The Technicians, thus losing their personal lives.

If you’re always working In Your Business and too busy to do much of anything else, how are you going to Manage your Business and how are you going to maintain the needed innovation, the creation of necessary new ideas and solutions to guide your Business to Success? How will you ever sell your business if your business is YOU?  Don M. Reid – DMRNET Business Solutions