The Sales Professional. Who is she? Our Business Development System provides a description of the Sales Professional. That person who is or will become the primary engine within your Enterprise.  It is usually a given that the Entrepreneur desires a reliable and predictable revenue stream for the Enterprise.  It is a given because Revenue is the backbone of the business. It’s critical! It’s the number one driving force within the business.  No sales, no revenue, no payroll, no employees, no purpose, no need for the Entrepreneur.

Yet time after time I see that the Entrepreneur has hired the most inexperienced and untrained “sales dude” around in an effort to keep costs down.  I cannot begin to tell you how wrong that is on so many different levels. Your Sales Professional/s, the Outside Sales Hunter/s are your Champions. They tell your story to the world. They are the reasons for your existence.  Without them, without sales, there is no reason for your Enterprise.  And never forget the #1 reason why 40% of all businesses fail within the first 12 months and of those 80% more fail within the next 10 years. Sales! Sales!! SALES!!!

“We should learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t have time to make them all ourselves.” Groucho Marx.  So what does the Right Sales Professional look like?  What are the credentials of the person/s who will become the number one driving force within your Enterprise?  Here is what to look for:  Character, Confidence, Courage Professionalism, Intelligence, someone who understands Persistency, Determination and Consistency of Action, has Sales Experience and Training and has enjoyed Success as well as the pain of Failure, has a Willingness & Desire To Learn New Things Daily, believes that Everything should be in Moderation, is Honest and Forthright. And of most importance, the Sales Professional is Driven by Challenge and the Opportunity to Win. This is the ideal picture of the Right Sales Professional.

And the cost of The Right Sales Professional?     Compensation: According to George Deeb; “The average compensation was $126K, comprised of a $62K base salary and a $64K commission for on-target sales.  Understanding there is a wide range here, based on average ticket of the product.  But, compensation is steadily rising; the amount of salespeople making more than $120K has increased from 18% to 51% in the last five years.  The average quota was $770K, or 5.3x their total compensation for on-target sales.”

But wait you say! What about College Education and Experience in a particular field?  What about that?  “By definition, selling is the ability to effectively communicate ideas and motivate others to act upon those ideas.” Earl Nightingale.  You don’t learn that in college.  You don’t learn any of what it takes to be a Sales Professional in college, any college.  And as for product knowledge?  Any intelligent Sales Professional can usually learn and or be trained in product knowledge within a reasonable amount of time. But it takes years of Sales Training and decades of In The Field Experience to develop into a Top Sales Professional.

As often said by a truly great sales trainer and friend, Chuck Blackburn, “People love to buy as much as they hate to be sold.  So stop selling and let em buy.”   Only the Top Sales Professional understands this critical premise. The rookie, not so much.  And it is critical to your success as an Entrepreneur that your Sales Professional/s understand this wholly and unreservedly.  So choose carefully, nurture them well and help them grow to become your relentless Champions, your Story Tellers.  Don M. Reid – DMRNET Business Solutions